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Endless Creative Possibilities

Add a unique perspective to your production. With orbital views and a remarkable stability, a drone can do what no land-based camera can. No need for a bulky, expensive cranes or helicopters.

Stay in Budget

Drone hire won’t blow the production budget! Using a drone is much more cost-effective than hiring a helicopter. Not only is it cheaper but you can also fly a drone for longer and with fewer restrictions than a fixed wing aircraft or helicopter.

Great Versatility

Drones are more flexible than helicopters and mounted cameras. Over cliff-tops, houses, through arches, over water, and down where the action is happening: drones are highly versatile and can get you that unique shot.

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike traditional methods of filming aerial footage, battery-powered drones create zero emissions, making them an environmentally friendly alternative to methods such as fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.

Save Time

Our standard team normally consists of just the pilot and the camera operator. Once on site, we can be up and flying in around 15 minutes, assuming all site surveys and risk assessments have been completed beforehand.


Creating minimal noise and practically no downwash, our filming drones can be used near populated areas or animals, and in a whole host of other noise-sensitive environments, with minimal impact.