Things you need to know before you get started

Is The Hall Aerial licensed to operate commercially?

Yes. We hold CAA “Permission for Commercial Operations”.
Our pilots are all RPQ-s qualified to fly unmanned
aerial vehicles commercially.

Is The Hall Aerial fully insured?

Yes. The Hall Aerial is fully insured (in accordance with
CAA Regulations) and we have £5 million public liability cover.

How high can you fly?

We can fly up to an altitude of 120m (400ft) within the
guidelines stipulated by the CAA.

How far can you fly?

We are able to fly our drones up to 500m away from the pilot, although visual line of sight must be maintained at all times.

Can you fly in the rain?

No-one wants rain on the lens ruining their drone footage, and our drones arent fond of the water either, so we aren't able to fly in the rain. However we will be flexible, and work with you, either to find a 'Plan B' solution, or reschedule for an alternative suitable day.

And what about the wind?

For the best results we recommend flying in wind speeds under 15mph, although our drones are capable of flying in winds up to 22mph. Again we will be flexible, and work with you
to achive the best results.

Can you fly at events?

Yes! For crowds of under 1,000 people we just need to stay at least 50m away and cannot fly over anyone not in our control.
For crowds over 1,000 people this distance increases to 150m.

Where can you fly?

Our licence permits us to operate across the UK (subject to airspace restrictions); only requiring landowner permission for the takeoff and landing site.